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Prevent Becoming Seriously Injured from Slip and Falls

Getting in and outside of the tub is among the most dangerous actions aged people can do. By switching for a bathtub that is much more accessible, you can substantially decrease the change of a serious injury from sliding and falling. One serious injury can significantly lower lifespan and your mobility.

Make Daily Life More Dignified and Much Easier

Bath is some thing that most folks do every day. By making the daily cleaning of yourself easier, you are able to make your life more dignified, and a lot more pleasing knowing you can still take good care of yourself, with no need of external help or nurses to do.

Remain in Your Lifelong Home Longer with More Independence

Everybody needs to be able have the capacity to take care of themselves for as long as possible, and to live alone. With a fresh tub, you may add another couple of years to being able to live in your own house, take care of yourself, and be free to decide when you would like to bathe, not when you’re scheduled to.


Does having to step high over the tub to get out or in also make you frightened of falling down and put you off balance?

We’re proud to put in walk-in showers and bathtubs for the fantastic people of Aberdeen, to make regular living much easier. Our highly trained technicians here at Cain’s Mobility SD can have a new shower setup all prepared to go in your Aberdeen home within a few days!

Stop Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Restroom, and Get Stability and Balance.

Are you really worried about your loved one getting in or out of the shower by themselves or yourself?

One of the biggest stresses for aged people living alone in Aberdeen is the risk of sliding and falling when getting in or out of the shower.

With a walk in tub, you can stop worrying about that chance, as the bath process will be easy and safe .

Without having to step out so high over the side, now you can get in and out much simpler, and have more equilibrium and equilibrium.

Make Living Alone in South Dakota Safe and Fun!

For several aging citizens, having the ability to live within their own home for as long as possible is the easiest way to maintain dignity and pride in their own lives.

As individuals age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, and it becomes dangerous to live alone without added help in the rare case that something occurs.

For a lot of elderly folks, this means eventually needing to move away from the Aberdeen home they’ve lived in for many years and love, and into a South Dakota retirement or care facility that is sterile, unfamiliar and not almost the same as their own house in Aberdeen.

By preventing slips and falls in the bathroom with a new walk-in bathtub, elderly people will be able enjoy the life they have lived for a long time, and to remain in their very own home for more.

Increase your Aberdeen Home’s Resale Value to An Increasing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in South Dakota are getting old, freedom gear will become a bigger and larger selling point for the purchase of Aberdeen houses.

By installing a walk-in bath in your Aberdeen house, you’ll not only make living easier right now, but would set up your dwelling to be precious later on.

Every walk in tub can substantially increase your South Dakota allure and home’s resale to aging people.

Give our Aberdeen team a call to find out just how much the resale value of your house would grow from a new facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I convert my existing bathtub into a walk-in one?

Yes. There are instructions available on the best way to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in bath. We advise that you simply know the way to make use of the correct tools so that you just do not end up with a non-working bath. There are companies in Aberdeen that understand just how to turn your tub more disability and your home accessible for less of an investment than other options. As installers, we know just how to point you in the proper direction, so please ask us for a consultation so we are able to help you make your house fulfill your current wants, particularly if you've recently become disabled or are supplying an elderly man care-giving in their own home or your residence.

2) Is there a way to get Jacuzzi jets in my tub?

Yes. Be cautious of the quantity of atmosphere and water that comes out of the jets to ensure it is the appropriate amount which will soothe aches and your sore muscles with a massage sensation. Jets can be positioned to target particular areas to provide for the most effective effects. Many Aberdeen customers enjoy the therapeutic effect of having jets installed inside their walk-in bathtub for a broad array of medical conditions that benefit from the additional relaxation.

3) Will a tub like this look bad for my homeowner’s insurance in South Dakota?

Many upgraded homeowner's insurance policies protect against flooding from your pipes and appliances. Check with your Aberdeen homeowner's insurance to ensure it's going to cover you against this type of damage. You may require a house modification license from the Aberdeen, SD building department to put in a tub, especially if walls have to be eliminated to coordinate with your toilet plans. Most importantly, you did not get one AND and in case you needed a license your home suffers from damage from the installed walk-in bathtub, your homeowner's insurance may not cover your losses. If you plan on ever selling your Aberdeen home, there are loads of buyer beware messages out there which will steer prospective buyers from your house since it does change homeowner's insurance, if there have been any progress without licenses. Buyers see the licenses and their homeowners insurance as protections on their investments in houses.

4) Is there any additional structural support needed before installation?

Many walk in bathtubs are mounted to a stainless steel welded support framework with leveling feet that is included with your bathtub that was bought. The flooring in the bathroom should have a structural support strength that surpasses the weight of the bathtub as well as the weight of the water. Our Aberdeen installer will check to determine when it is not, if the floor is level and otherwise, then they'll make use of the leveling legs to correct the degree of the tub. Obviously, the prior bath will need to be eliminated. In addition, the if replacing the wall or tile in the area will need to be removed.

5) Are there any kits available for installing my own walk-in tub?

Yes, producers do offer do it yourself installations of a bathroom conversion kit. Depending on whether you have the best tools and technical familiarity with the tools, it is possible. Nevertheless, many times, someone thinks it's definitely going to be inexpensive to buy all the proper tools. These tools could be expensive, so be sure you compare the cost of buying each of the tools and the price of your time learning just how to install the kit with all the cost of a professional setup. Then the instructions may seem pretty easy if you are someone who does a great deal of home improvements. Simply make sure they test the unit according to the directions of the manufacturer's and that the unit you purchased didn't get damaged during transport.

6) What are some of the benefits of getting one?

The most important advantage is the fact that it facilitates your mind in the event you have mobility issues, because depending on your own circumstances, you can slip on a normal bath or have trouble getting into the bath without a low step threshold. By making bath simpler, the design of a walk in bathtub can also make it far more suitable for people who you depend on in your life and help you live more independently. Aside from the advantages of accessibility and security, living alone in Aberdeen is a real concern for people experiencing mobility problems. Other benefits include improved relaxation given all the attributes which are available to you personally. It relieves the discomfort associated with common ailments. It's a popular pick for those who love taking baths want autonomy and desire to feel safe and worry-free unimpeded by their mobility problem.

7) Do these tubs use more water than conventional tubs?

Yes. A walk in bathtub is not normally shorter than an average bath tub, which contains about 2 1/2 feet of water on average. Some producers say that you just use the same amount of water as a shower that is standard if a standard shower is 7 minutes and you also use 7 gallons of water a minute. Many of the walk-in tubs available on the market have a 40-80 gallon capacity. Actually, many manufacturers recommend that you have a hot water tank that holds at least 50 gallons, although some bathtubs will function efficiently if you fill them with 40-60 gallons.

8) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the producers about South Dakota alternatives. Colors which are uniform with most bathrooms are only offered by some. Picking the right walk-in bathtub for you means discussing the selection of sizes, styles and layouts to ensure it suits your own special needs and room conditions. You may need to pay an added fee for a custom shade, since most makers make bathtubs in white and cream.

9) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A more economical basic variant of the walk-in tub can cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

10) Will AETNA cover the cost of equipment and installation in South Dakota?

Aetna doesn't cover walk-in tubs under their conventional plans in South Dakota. Aetna does not insure walk-in tubs under their HMO and health network plans either. They typically follow Medicare's standards for durable medical equipment (DME) items used in the toilet. In the event the member is bed- confined or room - confined some DMEs are considered medically necessary, instead of a convenience. DMEs are considered medically necessary if it's essential for daily tasks and is primarily medical in nature. Since bathing is considered a daily living activity and considered vital, Aetna lists bathroom items which are unable to transfer to and from a bathtub or considered medically necessary if a member is unable to bathe or shower without being seated.

11) About how long does the installation process take with your Aberdeen installers?

Once the tub arrives, an installment requires between one and three days of labor in Aberdeen. It surely depends upon the scope of the job. You should make us know if there's a vital deadline involving a family member coming for a visit or a loved one's release from South Dakota rehabilitation so that we can do the best we can to accommodate you.

12) Do Walk-In Bathtubs Leak?

Yes, they can leak. Another common criticism from people who purchased a poor quality bath and attempted to save cash stems from door leaks. When buying a walk-in bathtub, be sure you buy a lifetime guarantee, because as soon as the door leaks, the tub can't be used by you, until you fix the seal. Be sure the walk in bath is strong and rigid to prevent any flex that inhibits a watertight door. Moreover, during the setup process, it is exceptionally recommended that the South Dakota installer never lift the bath by the pipes, because it can result in leaks. Also during carrying any damage that could have occurred can loosen fittings and mishandling and cause leakage. Before utilizing the walk in bath, it is significant that the bathtub is tested by the installer correctly according to the instruction manual. If the bathtub is not installed degree with the supporting features supplied, the water may have problem emptying correctly and might create the door to leak. Eventually, make sure you comprehend the risks associated with the placement of your walk-in tub, especially alcoves, since they have particular conditions to prevent leaking.

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